Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just what it means.. I watch the news practically every morning and occasionally I will flip threw the old gossip magazines at the checkout counter. I just can't help to say I am pretty much sick and tired of hearing about it. Mainly, I am sick of the women who have slept with these married men and have come forward because they have, "BEEN HURT"! Now mind you I am sure somewhere in the ignorant minds of these women. I am sure they were hurt to some extent. However, do I feel sorry for them. NO!
Tiger Woods' for example. We heard, we seen the damage. Now during all of this what else do we see but many women coming forward. I slept with Tiger, so did I, blah blah. Or my favorite I fell in love with him I really did. Well, guess what he obviously didn't feel the same about any of the others now did he? No! And here these women are going on national television getting there 15 minutes of fame. The kind of fame I could go with out having. For what? To hurt not only the wife, but the kids, the family, of not just one but many different people involved. Honestly, was it worth it in the end. Again, NO!
So now we have to add to the whole cheating scenario. Not only Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and of course we can't leave Jon Edwards out of this either. Now men or women! I am not trying to badgering any of these men named above but using the situation they put themselves in as and example.
These types of women are the girls your mother's warned you about. The kind of girls momma doesn't want you bringing to dinner unless you are truly hurt by something that happened like 10 years ago, and you want pay back! I have always thought that when you become a certain age telling everyone about your sex life just isn't appropriate! Or at least bragging about it. However, should I blame these women for cashing in on something like this.
I can give my opinion and I think that women or men who cheat in general should really ask themselves why, what is it worth, is this me? Don't sleep with a married man and think that it is going to be better for you, or that this man is going to give you the world. Just remember ladies 9 times out of 10 he isn't going to leave his wife. He just isn't getting what he needs from his wife. Whether it be emotionally being there, supportive, sex or just nagging. He loves his wife and isn't going to leave her for you. So if you find yourself in the shoes of a mistress. I would seriously reconsider and more than likely hit the high road and find a man of your own.
That sums it up...Hope you enjoy and those of you who didn't. Well, I can't please everyone and I don't really care to either...


  1. What I find amusing about of this is these dumb ass men had no idea any of these women would rat them out. If your are that famous or married to someone that famous and you need to get a little on the side, just pay the money and get a call girl. I personally don't care if Tiger or Jesse or John sleep with a 100 women, but don't be surprised and then cry on TV because you have hurt your family because you can't keep little Tiger in your pants

  2. I wound't advice to stay away from those women at all, I must say. It was Tiger who messed it all up. I feel like your article leads to think that the women are the ones to blame when a man cheats his wife. The ladys were fine. It was all his fault if he cannot say no.